1. Heat Strip 20W
    Dimensions : 15 X 60cm

    What are Heat Strips and why do you need them?  

    Reptile Systems heat mats are already established throughout Europe and the UK and have proven to be unparalleled in regards of reliability, safety, and performance. These heat mats have been manufactured in all popular sizes and fill the high end sector of the market. To complement the Heat Mats, we have introduced Heat Strips, which are 15cm wide rather than 28cm giving us a range suitable for almost every heating requirement.
    What is different about Reptile systems heat strip?
    Multi patent class leading technology, Reptile systems Heat Strips are made of a polymer foil which is then silk printed with an exclusive electrically conductive ink, this gives our heat mats their ultra flat profile. The features are the same as the mat with the distribution of the heating compound allowing for a gradual decrease of temperature towards the heating strips edge reducing the risk of glass cracking from thermal shock. High thermal response coupled with uniformity of heat over the rest of the surface is guaranteed. Thermistor properties are also built into each mat as an additional safety feature. 

    The strips are Ideal for heating reptiles, amphibians, insects, birds, and small animals in the same way as the mats but for those that do not require such a wide heating source. They have the same adhesive backing making installation on the side or back of a glass vivarium trouble free. They can also be used for under tank heating provided the substate is not too deep, use the feet provided to ensure good airflow. 
    Normally used for heating smaller multiple enclosures such as hatchling racks and racking systems. They offer the same type of application as heat cables but without the bulk because of their slim profile, making use and enclosure construction much easier.
    Always use with a suitable thermostat such as the Reptile Systems on/off thermostat.

Heat Strip UK

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Heat Strip.
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20W - 25W - 32W
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