1. Skimm 2.0 Small
    Complete cone skimmer that effectively removes dissolved organic compounds from marine aquarium water. Delivered with a NewJet pump, it can run inside or outside the tank.

    Why are cone skimmers more efficient ? 
    The cone-shaped design allows a greater concentration while the foam is rising toward the top of the skimmer. This phenomenon appears because the volume of water decrease between the micro-bubbles and so the foam is drier while the concentration is greater as it reaches the collection cup.  
    Can be suspended in the aquarium or located in a sump.
    Comes with a pump with a unique unbreakable titanium rotor.
    BBS (Bubble Breaking System) ensuring a bubble density and fineness to allow efficient skimming.
    Comes complete with all accessories.

    Why do I need a protein skimmer?
    Aquariums utilize a combination of mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration to maintain water quality. The correct combination of these methods will remove most waste and help maintain a healthy environment within the aquarium. The Instant Ocean Skimm is an important component in a total filtration system. The protein skimmer removes many types of organic wastes that are frequently present in aquarium water. Properly used, a protein skimmer can remove organic wastes before they are broken down by bacteria. This can decrease the rate of production of nitrate and phosphate.

Skimm 2.0 UK

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Skimm 2.0.
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